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Companies are struggling to hire engineers. Why? Because they are on the prowl for engineers instead of attracting them.

Hakka has a better way. Our experts craft your engineering story and highlight the challenges that engineers care about. Problems they will be desperate to solve after Hakka is done with you.

Our experience as actual engineers, recruiters and PR specialists combines into a powerful insight on how to build the brand of your engineering team. Hakka knows engineers. We build your engineering brand. We show you how only you can give engineers a reason to get excited.

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Don’t think that you have an engineering brand? You do and Hakka will help you to find it, define it and hone it. We evaluate the current state of your engineering projects and interview key technical staff to reveal the core challenges that your team grapples with. Challenges that form the foundation of your engineering brand.

Once Hakka combs through your stack, projects and team, our experts create a distinct engineering voice and messaging strategy. Shout it loud!

Your new engineering voice will be amplified and echoed via your unique engineering story and talking points. Conversation starters that each engineer, hiring manager and recruiter will use with friends, targets and candidates to express what it really means and how awesome it is to be an engineer at your company.

Hakka expands your pipeline for future engineering talent by designing the framework to tell your story. We deliver an integrated marketing strategy, promotional plan and select the best channels to broadcast from.

We develop key initiatives that are outside your traditional recruiting efforts, but are where engineers are. Organizing MeetUps and conference sponsorships, tech blog syndication and a cohesive content distribution plan are just a few examples of how Hakka helps you and your PR team get that engineering voice to the ears of top talent.

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Pete Soderling

Pete is a hacker, turned software engineer, turned entrepreneur. He speaks the language of geeks - somewhat like a horse-whisperer would if a horse-whisperer could speak geek too.

After his second business failed to get to market, Pete swore he'd learn marketing and has emerged as a highly-influential growth hacker in the tech/startup world through the software engineering media platform he founded, g33ktalk.

Pete knows that even though engineers claim to be impervious to sales & marketing, they're really just sticklers about true value. His passion is in helping companies better understand how to reach an engineering audience with the things they care about. He wrote about engineering PR here and gave a TED talk on it here.


Julia Neznanova

Julia is a marketing guru, turned product owner, turned entrepreneur. Julia knows marketing inside out, and helps teach tech companies how to effectively tell their story in an uber-compelling way.

Julia has never underestimated the importance of branding and PR for startups and was recently inspired to implement this knowledge in the engineering recruiting after her community building efforts as co-founder at g33ktalk.

Personally, she’s seen the challenges companies are having in communicating with engineers. She is excited to share our innovative approach with other startups via her work at Hakka Group.


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Our clients trust us not only to strategize, but to teach and train their teams to tell their amazing engineering stories in a compelling way. Here are some of our clients that engineers are lining up to join.


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